White Lavender

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Product Description

This isn’t the Lavender that’s growing on the side of your grandmas yard. White Lavender is a sativa dominant cross of your favourite white widow and the lavender strain. This sativa dominant hybrid is bred by the good folks at g13 labs. The strain itself is uplifting, but not an out of control sativa that leaves your mind racing. It takes on more of a calming and balanced effect, coupled with a touch of creativity and euphoria. The White Lavender Strain is one that’s sure to excite the senses, even of the more veteran smokers. Nothing like taking a walk down the park with out favourite little green friend.

It originates from G13 Labs’ garden as a descendent of White Widow combined with it. The strain boasts an aromatic bouquet of fruit and spice layered with a hint of floral. The strain captivates with massive bag appeal, featuring chunky buds with purple tie-dye colors and resinous white trichomes.

This strain flowers in 60-65 days indoors and mid-October when cultivated outside. Its height may require some pruning in indoor settings, as the strain grows in typical sativa fashion into long, thin plants. With patience, skilled cultivators will harvest very high yields of it’s beautiful buds.

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Up to 17-19% THC


Flavours: LavenderFloweryEarthy

Effects: RelaxedHappyEuphoricUpliftedFocused

Medical Benefits: StressDepressionLack of AppetiteNauseaInflammation



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