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Stiiizy Strawberry cough

So stiiizy pods for sale. To begin with, Strawberry Cough is a cross between Strawberry Field and Haze. Secondly, this potent strain brings a thoughtful and energetic high perfect for conversation, reading, or working.

Great for: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches

The strawberry cough strain

It has a sweet smell of fresh strawberries and oh coughing is a given even for the most season customer (hence the name strwaberry cough). This strain really helps to deal with high levels of stress and depression as it is a potent sativa strain. It’s skunky and berry flavors will catch your senses and it’s uplifting effects will keep you happy.

Effects of the strawberry cough strain

This strain is known to cause a number of effects some of which include the following

  1. FOCUSED : Eases concentration and helps to get work done efficiently.
  2. COTTON MOUTH : It can sometimes make you lose saliva for a few minutes
  3. CREATIVITY: When confronted with a tough situation, strawberry cough is your go to strain (in this case pod) this is cause it relaxes the cranial nerves helping you think efficiently.
  4. LOSS OF APPETITE: Too much of the strawberry cough could lead you not wanting food for some time make sure to have a good fill before you start puffing.

The stiiizy pod

The stiiizy pods are generally known to produce long satisfying highs. Though some pods produce little to know effects as some seasone users have mentioned. Also, stiiizy pods are normally stronger than other thc cartridges. Again, these pods are only legal in California, Nevada, Michigan and Arizona. further, It is worth noting that consumers should be aware of fake Stiiizy pods. Fake Pods Come with a Black Plastic Insert Bonafide Stiiizy pods don’t come with a black plastic packaging insert. The company stopped making pods with black inserts back in June 2018. Newer, legit Stiiizys come with a white plastic insert. New and real Stiiizy products only come with a white plastic insert.




Buy stiiizy pods online| stiiizy pod | buy stiiizy pods online|

Firstly, stiiizy pods for sale are always available online here at Tp’s dispensary. With numerous flavours and a variety of pods, Stiiizy pods are one of the best thc vape cartridges in the market. Secondly,  there are various flavours of stiiizy each providing a unique set of effects and differentiating stiiizy pods from each competitor making it the best thc vape cartridge. The following paragraphs explains the uses and effects of the various stiiizy pod flavors.

Flavors of stiiizy

buy stiiizy pods online have numerous flavours which include the following :

  • Strawberry cough
  • Sour tangie
  • OG kush
  • Hardcore og
  • Gelato
  • Blue dream
  • SFV og
  • Premium jack
  • Pineapple express
  • Granddaddy purple

All the above mentioned strains are available for sale at our dispensary for only $30 a pop with deals on 50, 100, and 200 pods or more.  Make sure to buy your stiiizy pods online where your quality and delivery are guaranteed anywhere in the world.

Effects of using STIIIZY pods.

Like any other pod, (Basically anything in life at all), there are always upsides and downsides. stiiizy pod have many helpful effects as well as some which are very unpleasant.

  • First and foremost, stiiizy sativa flavors such as the Og kush and sour tangie greatly helps to ease mild depression and increase focus skills. they may also cause dryness in the mouth and loss of appetite
  • Secondly stiiizy flavors like the granddaddy purp help you sleep better at night. If you’re having trouble sleeping, just log on to our website and buy stiiizy pods to get your sleep schedule in order no problem
  • Furthermore, some flavors such as sfv and hardcore og help relax muscle spasms
  • Again these pods  generally provide a very balanced and satisfying high making you excited and keeping you buzzing with a jolt of energy.
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