SFV OG Stiiizy



Product Description

The SFV OG stiiizy has the typical appearance of a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This plant can grow to a tall height with the characteristic slender leaves stemming from the branches. They also produce rich green buds that are dense and collected in clusters. These are surrounded by orange to brown colored pistils sprouting from the base. To top it all off, it has a generous covering of a rich trichome jacket.

The aromas of the SFV OG Strain aren’t quite something to write home about. The introductory smell can be described as piney with a strong accent of citrus smells. There is also a hint of some earthy tones and even some sour accents reminiscent of some more prominent strains. Nevertheless, its unusual mix of pungent and sweet citrus aromas can be appealing to long term cannabis aficionados.

The flavors on this strain compliments its aroma nicely. From the outset, this strain boasts a lovely lemon flavor that’s sure to tingle your cannabis-loving taste buds. It’s a long-lasting flavor in the mouth even during the smoke exhale, though some may find this relatively harsh compared to other strains. What’s great about it is the flavor lingers wonderfully even after you smoke it. SFV OG Stiiizy.

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