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Product Description

If you are a fan of Star Trek then you’ve heard of Romulan before. That’s exactly where this potent strain got its name from. Jokingly people said this bud would dent your head, and to this day the legend lives on.

For those who look to credentials to verify a strains status and worth, look no further. Known for its pine scented buds that are packed with frosty goodness. A perennial High Times Magazine and Cannabis Culture staple, the Romulan strain has garnered the respect of peers from all corners of the planet.

Due to its powerful numbing effects, Romulan is also exceptionally good at ridding your body of pains and aches. For those dealing with muscle and nerve damage that leads to spastic movements are also directed to this flower. Start slow as this is a potent strain that packs a powerful punch. We recommend starting with only a couple puffs and working your way up slowly.

Up to 18-20% THC


Flavours:  EarthyPineSweet

Effects: RelaxedSleepyHappyEuphoricHungry

Medical Uses: StressPainInsomniaDepressionMuscle Spasms



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