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Rick Simpson’s story of the miraculous skin cancer treatment with hemp oil avalanched the world in 2003. Later, thanks to Rick’s personal experience and wide publicity, over 5,000 people with cancer received a successful treatment with his patented oil (RSO). Though this product’s effectiveness has no official proof yet, thousands of patients are recommended to buy Rick Simpson oil for treating skin cancer and relieving symptoms of other severe health problems.

Rick Simpson oil stands out with its high potency — 50-90% THC. RSO produced from Indica is believed to be better for physical health problems. Sativa-based extract, in its turn, proves itself to be helpful with mental issues.

Buy our Rick Simpson oil for sale and use it properly

RSO is gained as a result of alcohol extraction. Unlike other extracts produced with butane or CO2, alcohol leaves no chemical traces making the end product fully natural.

Well, you have purchased Rick Simpson oil. But how to consume it, you would ask. Initially, Rick Simpson himself used his oil topically, applying it on cancer bumps on his arm. It can also be smoked, but only after all alcohol is evaporated. Another way of application is cooking: baking, making sauces, or just drizzling over your foods.

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