Plug and Play Pineaple Cooler



Product Description


Pineapple Cooler sounds so unlikely, but it really does taste good – not like pineapple but more like cider. Also, it’s very refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Again, it’s great fun to make in that it uses only the skin of the pineapple. This is normal – so there’s nothing to lose


  • Further, Plug and Play Pineapple Cooler EXOTICS are scrumptious with normal flavors which give them their fun and new taste.
  • Each flavor is awesome and will go through various testing appraisals to guarantee a general equilibrium in quality, taste, and potency All EXOTICS plugs are half and halves and one can ANYTIME – ANYWHERE! We’ve placed a ton of center into our Exotics line to give new clients flavors they love .
  • Flavors that excite.We accept that our Plug Exotics with our easy to-utilize Play batteries are ideally suitable for the individuals who need to attempt cannabis interestingly.
  • In any case, it’s difficult for new clients, experiencing clients will discover our Exotic line to be a great change from customary cannabis oils

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