Orange Creamsicle

One Pound – $2,000.00  |  Quarter-Pound – $700.00 | Half-Pound – $1,100.00  |  An Ounce  – $310.00

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Product Description

Orange Creamsicle stands out with large, solid flowers that are almost cylindrical in shape, tapering slightly from base to tip. The densely-packed leaves are a mossy shade of green. Bright orange pistils stand out vibrantly against the leaves while plenty of translucent white trichomes give the flowers a silvery sheen. This coexistence of orange pistils and white trichomes within these buds seems to suggest that the flowers’ color scheme is more of a reason for this strain’s name than its actual flavor.

When using Orange Creamsicle, there is a chance of feeling dizzy. Sometimes, this may be accompanied by a subtle feeling of paranoia. However, these effects usually only occur when the strain is overused. In most cases, users will only experience a mild headache. But it’s still best to moderate your usage.

There are two other side effects associated with Orange Creamsicle: Dry eyes and cottonmouth. These are unavoidable because the cannabinoids in weed tend to interfere with moisture production in the body. Although these side effects are mild, you might want to sip a few glasses of water to keep hydrated.

Flavours: OrangeCitrusVanilla

Effects: HappyRelaxedEuphoricUpliftedEnergetic

Medical Benefits: StressDepressionPainNauseaFatigue



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