Northern Lights

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Product Description

Northern Lights stands among the most famous strains of all time, a pure indica  for its resinous buds, fast flowering, and resilience during growth. Itself a descendant of indigenous Afghani and Thai landrace strains, Northern Lights gives rise to famous hybrids like Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Rumor has it that Northern Lights first sprout near Seattle, Washington, but  propagate out of Holland after 1985 at what is now Sensi Seeds.

Pungently sweetspicy aromas radiate from the crystal-coated buds, which sometimes reveal themselves in hues of purple. Northern Lights’ psychoactive effects settle in firmly throughout the body, relaxing muscles and pacifying the mind in dreamy euphoria. Comfortable laziness allows patients to relieve pain and sleeplessness, while its mellow contentment roots out depression and stress.

Like most of its Indica ancestors and descendants, Northern Lights is highly recommend for evening use and insomnia. It is one of the purest Indica strains around (95 pct. Indica, 5 pct. Sativa) which make it a highly sedative strain. It is also often chosen to relieve the effects of stress and anxiety. Many choose it for the heavy body high to weaken their chains of chronic pain as well. And the strong appetite inducing effects are to help those suffering from such eating disorders as anorexia.

Up to 30-33% THC


Flavours:  SweetEarthyCitrus

Effects: HappyUpliftedEuphoricEnergeticRelaxed

Medical Uses: StressDepressionPainFatigueHeadaches



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