Nightmare Cookies

One Pound – $2,000.00  |  Quarter-Pound – $700.00 | Half-Pound – $1,100.00  |  An Ounce  – $310.00

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Product Description

Firstly, Nightmare Cookies exhibits beautiful purple hues, bright orange pistils, and an aroma that is thick with pine sap, earth, and sweetness. Enjoy this strain toward the end of the day to capitalize on its relaxing effects, appetite stimulation, and overall sedation. Also, The nightmare cookies high comes on with an effect that infuses you with a quick hit of euphoria, launching your mood into pure happiness. Further, as your spirit lifts to new heights, your body goes into a state of sedation. With a heavy couch-lock that glues you to wherever you happen to be sitting.

Up to 22-24% THC


Flavours: SweetFloweryEarthy

Effects: HappyEuphoricRelaxedCreativeUplifted

Medical Benefits: DepressionStressPainLack of AppetiteHeadaches



  1. 5 out of 5

    Nightmare cookies but shit like a good dream. Thanks fam you all got a patna 4l

  2. 5 out of 5

    This is good with good service and delivery. received my package and I’m from Essex uk

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