Mac 1

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Product Description

Firstly, Mac 1 is a popular strain that crosses Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15. Growers of Mac 1 have carefully selected by the breeder in order to protect the quality of the flower. Buds are nearly white and drenched in milky trichomes, giving this bud a beautiful bag appeal. This strain comes through with a smooth, creamy, and funky sativa terpene profile.

Also, the MAC, aka Miracle Alien Cookies, strain was first propagated when a breeder Capulator cross an F2 Alien Cookies with a hybrid that includes a Colombian landrace and Starfighter. He called this resulting strain Miracle 15.

The Indica-leaning MAC’s flowers are noticeably dense and are for producing resinous buds with frosty trichomes and dark purple hues.


MAC plants grow in a slender Indica profile and quickly form a structure that is solid enough to support the strain’s large colas. Regardless where you cultivate this strain, its flowering cycle takes approximately 9-10 weeks.

MAC 1 is a gorgeous resin-covered flower with a dank, gassy musk and sour citrus highlights. The smooth flavors of MAC have thick zesty orange notes. They are balanced out by floral accents and a sweet, earthy finish.

This dense flower saturates in trichomes. sprouting up so close together that you can barely see the purple-and-olive-green leaves underneath. Wild orange hairs bend and weave throughout the bud. Mac 1 wafts an intoxicatingly skunky scent as soon as the jar lid twists open.

With delightfully frosty buds layered with flashes of radiant, purple calyxes and peach-color pistils. This strain is a great choice for those looking for a powerhouse with a knockout punch.


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