Dankwood Sour Diesel



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Dankwood Sour Diesel

Firstly, Dankwood sour diesel deliver a smooth, clean hit. Sour Diesel is a spicy sativa strain that delivers energizing and uplifting effects. It is perfect for daytime enjoyment and will deliver an energizing kick to get you through the day! Dankwoods contain 2g of premium flower with a quarter gram of concentrate, rolled and dusted in kief.


  • The sour diesel is a cross of the super skunk and chemdawg
  • It’s kief is attached to the rolls to provide for a smooth puff
  • Medical patients should use this for depression or stress
  • It has a pungent profile and scents like diesel

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Dankwoods Are Backwoods Rolled With Cannabis, plunged into hash oil, and moved onto kief. They are simply one more road brand with no lab test results for their pre rolls. Sounds a ton like Moon Rocks weed, however they are including the popular tobacco leaf from boondocks. There is a great deal of discussion behind the Dankwoods brand. You can get dankwoods at affordable prices online here at anytime.

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