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More about hash

Charas or as it is known in most parts of the world “bhang” is a cannabis and milk mixture. It is sold legally in official shops in Asia. Charas has been used in the Indian subcontinent throughout history for medicinal and religious purposes throughout the years. Charas hash is a hand rolled form of cannabis. It is smoked and not drank.

How to make Charas

Making your own charas is quite simple. Charas can be madein these easy steps

  1. Pick a handful of cannabis flowers from a 2 weeks or 3 weeks old cannabis plant
  2. Trim the excess leaves whilst leaving a portion of the stem
  3. slowly begin to rub the buds between your palms
  4. Increase your hand motions as the plant starts releasing oil
  5. use your thumb to press the oil against your palms
  6. The plant starts secreting a black tar like substance
  7. increase rubbing until the plant stops secreting oil

and there you have it how to make your own homemade charas hash.

Where to buy charas hash

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