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Bart carts is a distillate oil cartridge that says to comprise top rate oil and whilst the advertisement satisfactory captured our interest, the brand turned into what satisfied us to test out the product. In an attempt to train ourselves with in addition information on Bart carts and its THC level, we did a thorough net search about the product. Unfortunately, its cartridges do no longer have an official internet site for its product, and the little records we could reap from their instagram website online and pix of their packaging became worrisome.

Bart Carts Flavors

For being a newly marketed vape cartridge we had a large selection, relative to its time in the market, of flavors to choose from and a range of strains from Sativa to Indica to Hybrids. The list of flavors being offered to date are the following:

  • Boss OG (Indica)
  • Watermelon Skittles (Hybrid)
  • Maui Wowie (Sativa)
  • Wookies
  • Runtz (Indica)
  • Papaya (Indica)
  • Banner (Hybrid)
  • D’oh Si Do (Hybrid)
  • Banana Kush (Hybrid)
  • Purple Punch (Hybrid)

15, 30, 45, 60

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