Ace Killer OG

One Pound – $1300.00  |  Quarter-Pound – $400 | Half-Pound – $1700.00  |  An Ounce  – $180.00

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Product Description

Ace Killer OG, there are few words to use when describing consumables that get people more exciting than “rare” and “infamous”. You can have a rare scotch and people come flocking, an infamous cheese and people talk about it with their friends, and in the case of Ace Killer, a rare and infamous bud. Also, by crossing an ambitious four strains – White Fire OG, King’s Kush, Kosher Kush and a mystery strain, breeders have put together an extremely potent, indica-dominant hybrid that will leave you painless and likely sleeping in no time. Lastly, the incredibly high THC levels of Ace killer og, averaging at 26%, are only part of what makes this strain so powerful.

As mentioned before, this bud is perfect for stress relief as it is completely soothing, and furthermore great for pain relief as the sedative properties are mighty. If you suffer from chronic aches, muscle tension, or spasms this strain would be great to help you treat your symptoms and find comfort again. Depression and lack of appetite can also benefit from Ace Killer OG as it is a minor stimulant. Novice users beware, as this is not a high for the faint of heart. Ace Killer OG has the tendency to shoot down even the most experienced smokers.

Up to 25-27% THC


Flavours: EarthyDieselPine

Effects: RelaxedSleepyEuphoricTinglyHappy

Medical Benefits: StressPainDepressionInsomnia, Lack of Appetite



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