We started as an industry of cannabis growers who exclusively sold to those that owned marijuana related businesses such as dispensaries, online mail orders and concentrate production labs. As time progressed and more demand came from our consumers, we decided the most efficient way to continue growing our operation was to open our target customer base to everyone, including all those who seek to save money on bigger purchases as well.

We have emerged as one of the Best Cannabis Dispensary in the states. Currently with over 23+ Facilities, we have a large variety of Cannabis and have the most consistent rotation of strains. So don’t worry about your favourite strains disappearing after you get a taster! All of our cannabis is locally grown. Our cannabis farmers cultivate all sorts of cannabis from AA all the way to the premium grade AAAA.

Our Goal
Our goal is to serve you better as a customer and provide the best customer experience for the lowest price possible. We understand just how difficult it could be searching the web and dispensaries for quality products and we’re here to put an end to your search! You can now safely buy weed online from us at affordable prices & we take care of your privacy. We truly believe ourselves to be the number 1 cannabis mail order service online . We supply other dispensaries, local retailers and consumers who seek to save money on bulk orders  from allover the world.

Trusted & Secure
Trust and Security are top priorities for Cannabis Buyers and we guarantee your confidentiality. We do not share your information with anyone and we use advanced cryptology to ensure your privacy. You can safely & securely order marijuana online from us.

Simply Put
We’re Tps Dispensary, Your source for the finest marijuana flowers. We pride ourselves with our pricing and price match any competitors who try to beat our prices. Buy marijuana online at best prices. We never compromise with quality.