squid game review
squid game review

So Squid game review! Would you love to win 450,000,000 by playing kid games!!! You definitely can’t say no I mean… How hard can it be?

If you haven’t seen it yet You probably should! So good we had to do a blog about it. The hit show that is taking over the world! SQUID GAME! A bunch of people in financial crisis are invited ti play “Child games” in order to win a very handsome cash prize. Little do they know that this might end up being doomsday for them. The Korean drama starring Lee Jung Jae as Seon Gi Hun and Ho Yeon Jung and Lee Jung Jae (Sae Beok and Sang woo) Has made massive waves since featuring on Netflix and gives and alternate perception to life in struggles and the contrast between struggling and having everything so much that you do not want anything at all.


The characters are all confronted by a guy who plays a kids game with them. He slaps them in exchange for a small amount and whenever you win he proposes for you to come play more games with him. Every single one of the characters are in so much financial debt (Some have signed off their internal organs) Such that the lure of money is just too tempting for them. Desperate! Yes these guys are desperate and neck deep in debt. Gi Hun our main character can’t take care of his own daughter, has lost his wife and still lives with his mother, stealing money from her to go gamble it. Yes that’s right! He steals from his mom and gambles it all. Untop of that, he has signed away his internal organs. He’s living in hell.

The characters are taken to a location unknown. People of varying walks of life the “rich” and poor alike all gather to play kids games. They sign to a 3page agreement. Little did they know that elimination actually means elimination. You lose a game you get killed. Hey they would probably die outside the games center anyway to claim the organs they sold. They start off with a game called “red light, green light”

squid game review

Red light, green light SQUID GAME.


This huge doll turns her back and says green light. You can proceed and when she says red light, You have to halt. Adults took it lightly. At the first red light, a player moves and get shot. Again, Players don’t believe this real until 2 others get killed. Absolute clamor occurs as players start running backwards saying they want to leave! My oh my were they used for target practice. Players get sagacious and come to a halt. The rules are repeated and they have been given a timer. If you do not get past the finish line by then, You are shot to death. A very old man player 001 casted by Yeoung su oh is smiling and playing the game so easily like it’s nothing. He’s enjoying being a kid again. Then again he is the mastermind behind the games. No one knows this until the end of the show. After the first game, All the players who survived began rioting about the rules and they were given a chance to make a vote to end the games. The majority (a 1 vote difference) chose to leave end the games and go back to their lives outside.


Things get even worse for them financially, that everyone decides to come back save for 2 players. This time fully aware of the terms and conditions, players bring out their survival instincts and the true nature of a human being is tested to the fullest. As Nicolo di Bernado put it ” All men are evil and will act upon their vicious nature if given the chance“. The players are shocked when one of them beats another to death and no punishment is given whatsoever. They come to a realisation… We can eliminate other people to have a chance to win easily. All hell breaks loose at night players fight and kill each other to survive and stand a chance of winning.


The games continue the players play a number of other games including tug of war, carving shapes out of melted sugar, and marbles where they are ultimately tricked into picking one partner, obviously you go with your best friend in the house only to find out that only one of you can survive. Integrity is tested a married man paired up with his wife, Sang woo pulls a quick one on his Indian friend and Ji hung also is ashamed of himself when he cruelly dupes player 001 thinking the man has dementia, only to find out that he was pretending when he asks “is it ok to trick your friend like you did me”.

It all comes down to 16 people who have to jump glass in numerical order with a time limit. Again, players kill themselves in this exercise as they wan to win it having coming these far in the game. They end up only 3. Our 3 finalists who turn out to be 2 as Sang woo kills Sae byok who is brutally wounded.


The final game is the “SQUID GAME” often played by kids when they are young. Sang Woo and Ji hung Ultimately just fight each other. Ji hung offers for them both to vote so they end this and go home. But Sang woo won’t allow it and Kills himself. A very bitter sweet Victory for Ji Hung. Moreover, he returns home to a dead mother and his kid has flewn to the United states, while the police whom he had earlier reported to when he first left the house have no clue about these games and have lost a man who wnet in undercover

squid game review


So what is our verdict on the series. Well it is a very captivating watch and the story is very innovative and like nothing ever seen before. we give it a 9/10 and we recommend that everyone should see it. If you haven’t yet, You can watch it via netflix. What’s more we are given you a 1 month pass on netflix to see Squid game with every purchase from us. Shop now!

Lastly, if you were dead broke, would you play these games to change your life and risk dying? let us know in the comments below.

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