7 common tools every stoner needs

Not everyone smokes but for those of us who do, these are tools that will all come in handy. Well, maybe except for the rolling machine. I can roll some pretty good joints and they look straight and nice and pretty.

There’s nothing complicated about smoking weed. But if you want to do it right, you need to have a few mj smoking tools at your disposal. Having the right gear will help you get the most out of your stash. It will also ensure that your smoking experience is as good as it can be. With that said, here are some basic mj smoking tools you need to have.


7 common tools every stoner needs
7 common tools every stoner needs

7 common tools every stoner needs

When you’re talking about essential mj tools, you’ve got to have a good grinder. If you don’t grind up your bud first, you won’t be getting as much out of your weed as you should be. That’s because you’ll be burning through it too quickly.

Instead, give it a grind first to increase the surface area. This means there’s more green to burn, which in turn means more high times for you.

There’s a surprisingly wide range of grinders out there on the market. Some are bare-bones basic. Others are more fancy, using motors and various cutting blades to ensure a consistent grind.

But whatever you do, get something that will cut your stuff — not shred it into a mess. And get one that has a kief catcher. That way you can easily save that super potent powder for future use.

Storage Container

7 common tools every stoner needs
7 common tools every stoner needs

Every canna consumer has to have somewhere to store their bud. If you’re not properly storing your herb, you run the risk of it getting moldy, drying out, and losing potency, smell, and taste.

Like grinders, there are tons of storage containers now on the market. Hardcore weed-heads can even get high-end humidity controlled boxes to dial in the perfect environment for their stufff.

But you don’t have to go all-out to store your bud. Just be sure that you find something clean with a resealable lid. Ideally, you should store your stuff in a place that’s out of direct sunlight, that stays at a slightly cool room temperature, and that doesn’t let in a lot of humidity.

Slide Dugout

7 common tools every stoner needs
7 common tools every stoner needs

When it comes to mj smoking tools, a slide dugout is an important one. It’s also relatively overlooked in the world of mj tools.

Basically, a slide dugout is the simplest way to smoke on the go. Usually, a slide dugout is made out of wood and features a slidable lid.

Beneath the lid, there will typically be two cylindrical openings. The first is to store a simple one-hitter. The other is for ground up stuff. When you’re puffing on the go, simply slide the lid, pull out your one-hitter, pack it up, and light up.


7 common tools every stoner needs

Multi-tools should be included in your basic kit of mj smoking tools. Look for one that features as many different mj tools as possible.

These will often include things like scissors to cut up your stuff, a tamping tool, scrapers, dab spoons, and maybe even extra features like a flashlight.

Rolling Machine

7 common tools every stoner needs

In some circles, there might be some stigma attached to using a rolling machine to twist up your stuff. But don’t let it get to you.

Rolling machines are actually essential mj smoking tools. They’re generally inexpensive and they’re excellent for rolling perfectly uniform joints each and every time.

And they’re not just for rookies or failed joint-rollers. Rolling machines are excellent for the full range of stuff smokers. For beginners, they’re a great way to learn how to roll with your fingers. And for pros, rolling machines are a good option when you want to roll quicker, or if you want especially uniform joints.

Odor-Proof Bag

7 common tools every stoner needs

Any kit of mj tools is incomplete unless it includes an odor-proof bag. This is the best, safest way to walk around with weed.

Thanks to the growing legalization of mj, there are now more options on this front than ever before. You don’t have to use only Ziploc baggies. Now, you can buy specially-built backpacks designed to completely hide the smell of your stuff.

Similarly, some companies also make and sell high-end women’s handbags that are scent free; a much more elegant option for keeping mj on the down-low.

Glass Pipe Cleaning Solution

7 common tools every stoner needs

Since most smoking pieces are made out of glass, it’s a great idea to add some sort of non-toxic, effective pipe cleaning solution to your kit of mj smoking tools.

This can be a specially made solution designed for bongs and glass bowls. Or it can be a simple solution of rubbing alcohol and kosher salt.

In this case, the rubbing alcohol breaks apart resin build-ups in your pipe. Meanwhile, the salt is abrasive enough to scrape off anything gunking up your piece without damaging the glass.

Mj Smoking Tools To Keep Handy

The mj smoking tools on this list cover all the fundamental needs of an mj smoker. For each of these mj tools, you can find affordable options. Many times, you can even repurpose common household items and use them as marijuana tools instead.

Alternatively, you can also scale up your mj tools. You can purchase high-end elite mj tools like humidors, handbags, and more.

Either way, building up a toolbox of effective mj smoking tools will help you puff like a pro.


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